Support for parents and families of a child with autism

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Being a parent or family member of a child with autism spectrum disorder is no easy feat. While there are many opportunities for joy and happiness with your child, there's also a fair share of struggle involved. From fighting for rights and services for your loved one to making lifestyle adjustments—it can cause some sleepless nights. This is why it's so important for parents and families of a child with ASD to receive the extra support that they need. From financial and behavioral support to mental health support for the family, it's all required when raising a little one with autism. Some of the biggest threats parents of an autistic child face that can have detrimental impacts on overall health and wellness are anxiety, depression, and stress.

Feelings of stress, anxiousness, or sadness are normal responses to hearing an autism diagnosis. The world wasn't designed to accommodate for this growing disease, and it can be incredibly difficult to adjust. Parents oftentimes go through a period of grief after hearing their child's diagnosis, and must mourn the death of some of the hopes and dreams they held for their little person. It can be painful for parents and family members to try to connect with a baby or toddler who doesn't want to be held, or who has a difficult time making eye contact.

As a child grows and begins to acclimate into society, there are likely to be even more struggles for parents and families to face. There are likely to be outbursts, and conflict due to the child's inability to understand and express emotions. Social interactions may also be difficult not only within the family, but within the family's social circles as well. This can leave parents feeling defeated. These feelings may only be intensified when paired with the stress of medical expenses and behavioral services that are necessary in order to adjust. Without the right kind of support, families are susceptible to developing dysfunctional coping mechanisms for stress, as well as suffering from poor mental health should depression or anxiety set in.

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It's not uncommon for parents and families of an autistic child to seek the support of a licensed therapist to help the family adjust to their new life. A trained therapist can equip families with the tools they need to effectively cope with stress, and manage any symptoms of anxiety or depression in healthy ways. A specialized therapist may also help families to bond with their autistic child, and strengthen the bonds that tie them together.

At Big Sky Therapeutic Services, we offer such support for the families of a loved one with ASD. We provide individual and family counseling, and also offer programs designed to teach parents how to best approach this new journey they are on, as well as how to strengthen the parent-child bond with their special 2-8-year-old. Families and those with ASD are all in this experience together, and require support for the entire unit in order to thrive. If you've discovered that your loved one has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, you are not alone. Support is available for you and your family both therapeutically and financially. Get in touch with us at Big Sky Therapeutic services to learn more about the services we provide, as well as the legal rights that are in place for your child.